St. Mary's Parish, Drogheda


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St. Mary’s Church stands at the top of James’ Street for over 140 years. This fine gothic building has seen many changes in that time and reflects the rich history of Christian faith in Drogheda. Primarily a place of worship, St. Mary’s Church is open 365 days a year and is used for events such as Christmas concerts, school visits, concerts, exhibitions, memorial services, and much more throughout the year.

Although the building was extensively restored in the 1940s, work is now required on the western roof to ensure that St. Mary’s Church exists for our future generations.

Community is woven into the fabric of St. Marys Church and for well over 140 years has served the Drogheda community with purpose and hope. Now, the parish needs your help to ‘Raise the Roof’ to top up the funds required to repair the Church roof which is in need of urgent attention.

The roof slates date back to the 1880s. The Church’s consultant engineers have calculated that St. Mary’s Parish needs to raise at least €500,000 if restoration of the Church roof is to be fully funded and restored.

St. Mary's contribution to the wider community of Drogheda and the Diocese of Meath and Armagh extends beyond our life as a centre of Christian worship. It is host to all manner of events and activities from dancing to samba. People may hire the parochial hall for meetings and other activities. St. Mary’s is a place where people come to pray, to be married, to baptise their children or be baptised themselves, to say farewell to and celebrate the lives of those who have passed.

Groups of pupils from many local schools visit in the course of the year for class masses, communion or confirmation preparations. The Church is also widely used to learn about the rich history of Drogheda or be shown around the vibrant Church and relish in its beautiful interior, including renowned stained-glass windows which also gathers much tourism for the wider area.

Speaking on the ‘Family-Remembrance-Slate’ campaign, local TD Thomas Byrne said that “St. Mary’s Church is a very important place for many in our community. These activities are only possible because our Church is loved and cared for by many people. Please now help us to ensure that our St. Mary's Church continues to flourish as a centre of worship and activity for the community of Drogheda and the surrounding areas”.

If you wish to contribute to the St. Mary’s ‘FAMILY-REMEMBRANCE-SLATE’ campaign, we welcome your generous contributions. If you wish, your name will be registered on our Slate-Sponsor Map and recorded with your consent on the Church’s “Virtual-Roof” map which will remain on the restoration page of the Church website for the duration of the project. For more information, please visit the Church website here or call into the Parish Office at 24 St. James’ Street, Drogheda.