St. Mary's Parish, Drogheda


Valuing our Young Parishioners

Children have a very important place in our parish. We celebrate their faith at Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation; they are the life and focus of our parish schools; their energies and initiatives play a vital role in many of our parish activities. We are always eager to encourage their active participation in parish life. Towards this end, we are committed to doing everything we can to create a safe and welcoming environment for our young parishioners, where their welfare is paramount. It is our parish policy to ensure that our children will be protected and supported in all activities.

Parish Child Protection Policy

Our parish has its own child protection policy, based on the diocesan template.
Michael Murphy and Germaine Nolan are our Parish Representatives. Their role is to promote the safeguarding of children by:
  • raising awareness of what is involved in safeguarding children
  • disseminating information on the policy and procedures for safeguarding children
  • ensuring that activities run within the parish are provided in a manner which ensures the safety and well-being of the children involved
  • providing support, assistance and arranging for training for parish volunteers working with children
  • reporting to the Diocesan delegate any concerns, suspicions or allegations of abuse for referral to the relevant authorities
  • ensuring that the contact details of the Diocesan Delegate are widely publicised
  • overseeing the implementation of this policy at parish level, carrying out an annual review and reporting to the parish clergy. 
All volunteers are kept informed of best practice at parish level. This includes the use of declaration forms and ‘sign in’ books, as well as consent forms being provided by parents and guardians of the children wishing to take part in Church-related activities.

Please download, and complete our Parental Consent Form,
Print it out, and Sign it.

Print Parental Consent Form for Church Activities.

If you have concerns or disclosures or any such information relating to clergy, staff or volunteers in our parish please contact Marie O'Sullivan, Designated Liaison Person @
or call 083 3175 742.
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