St. Mary's Parish, Drogheda


The purpose of these rules is to ensure that Calvary Cemetery is maintained in the most respectable condition possible and to assist the parish community in that process. We appreciate and thank your for your full co-operation and support in this matter.

Burial plots will be available to the extent that land is available for this purpose at the time of burial.

Plots will be available in two sizes (a) Double plot 8ft. X 8ft.

(b) Single plot 8ft. X 4ft. at the time of burial.

The outer limit for graveside kerbs must not exceed these dimensions.

No other structures of a permanent nature other that a headstone and kerbing are permitted in the vicinity of a grave.

Plots will be available is sequence according to the next available space as indicated by the committee at any given time.

There will be a charge for the purchase of a burial plot which will be determined by the committee on a regular basis.

Plot holders are required to maintain graves in a tidy condition. Waste materials may be disposed on in the bins provides for this purpose. Domestic waste must not be deposited in these bins.

The contractor erecting a headstone or kerbing is responsible for any damage caused during the process and the removal from the cemetery of all surplus material.

Prior to commencing work all contractors must provide evidence, to the Parish Office, of insurance indemnifying the committee. Contractors must also provide a Safety in the Workplace statement at the same time.

The Friends of Calvary Committee reserves the right to halt the opening of a grave or the erection of monuments on safety grounds.

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on consecrated ground. Any person found damaging cemetery property or committing other inappropriate acts shall be reported to the relevant authorities with a view to prosecution.

All pets must be kept on a lead in the cemetery and all dog waste material removed by the owners.

This policy can be reviewed at anytime.